Return on Investment

IPRS Health has experience across a number of different sectors where we have demonstrated significant Return on Investment for our clients.

  • Largest County Council in the UK employing in excess of 12,000 employees delivered over 13,000 working days producing a return on investment in excess of 420%.

  • Reduced and maintain absence from 9% to less than 3% for manufacturing factory.

  • IPRS Health have worked with a large government agency across the UK for over 9 years, in the last full financial year 26,310 working days were saved for this client as a direct result from IPRS Health's intervention. This equates to a saving of some £3,420,300 which demonstrated a Return On Investment (ROI) of over 400%.

  • Reduced Musculoskeletal related absence by 23% for an American car manufacturer.

  • A return on investment of 171% was delivered to a motor manufacturer. This service is part of an absence management and employers liability programme to help mitigate claims and provide treatment to keep employees at work whilst managing their injuries. This return on investment amounted to a saving of £513,190.


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