Coming Out of Covid-19

Covid-19 has altered the way millions of people around the world are living their lives. People who would usually lead active, busy lives are resigned to working from home with little activity. As we prepare for a relaxation in lockdown restriction, we wanted to ensure everyone has the help available to them as they make the transition back to some form of normality.

Over the next four weeks, our experts will be providing a series of free bite-sized advice covering Musculoskeletal Health, Mental Health and General Wellbeing, keeping people healthy as we come out of Covid-19.

Simply check this page every Thursday to download the latest update.


IPRS Health is proud to support you and your businesses in the planning for coming out of Covid-19. We understand the challenges both personally with our own colleagues and business where the climb we have had to make may have been tougher for some compared to others.

Download Part One Here

Musculoskeletal Health

A large proportion of the nation's workforce has seen a significant reduction in workload or changes in working practices over the last few weeks and some people have not been working at all. These factors can lead to an increase in injuries, in this week's Coming Out of Covid-19 advice series we take a look at how you can help reduce your risk of picking up injuries as you transition back to work.

Download Part Two Here

Mental Health

Whilst we may have been experiencing some degree of stress and anxiety, we recognise this is potentially a normal response to Covid-19 and for which is a new challenge/experience for all of us. It is also important to recognise that anxiety may be driven by the expectant 'new changes' such as restrictions starting to ease and as we start to face the 'new normal'

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