IAPT Services

IPRS Health is a patient-focused specialist in Mental Health treatment solutions, delivering services to and on behalf of the NHS, in line with NICE guidelines and supported by robust clinical governance.

We deliver patient-centred, evidence-based and cost-effective IAPT and Primary Care Psychological Therapy pathways, which have been developed to ensure increased access to therapy through very low waiting times, clinically effective treatment options, and high engagement rates.

The services we offer include:

  • Full range of IAPT modalities and EMDR
  • Full IAPT stepped care
  • Waitlist initiatives
  • Joint delivery on partnership IAPT pathways
  • Specialist pathways (for example, LTCs, Older Adults, Young People, and Students)
  • Psychology and Psychiatry (as a part of primary care)
  • Pilot schemes and short-term projects within IAPT

Model and Delivery

We work with partners and commissioners to ensure that the service we deliver is tailored to their needs, those of their patients, and the local population.

All our services are delivered in line with NICE guidance and within the framework of the IAPT manual, and ethical frameworks of the relevant professional bodies. Pathways are developed collaboratively, and can include all or some of the below elements:

Referrals:  Online self and professional referrals assisted by AI integration

Assessment:  Clinical assessment of need delivered over the phone or video by an IAPT practitioner.

Ongoing Therapy: Depending on the service offer we will develop a therapeutic offer within a stepped care pathway which may include the use of:

  • Low-Intensity Therapies: Practitioner supported digital CBT or 1:1 interventions with a Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner
  • High-Intensity Therapies: 1:1 interventions which include a range of IAPT modalities (CBT, EMDR, CfD, IPT and DIT)
  • Specialist Pathways (for example, LTCs)
  • Group Therapy

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