Mental Health Rehabilitation Steps

Following a Virtual Initial Assessment patients are treated through our stepped-care treatment model.

Step Two Treatment

Step Two treatment is suitable for patients who have mild to moderate levels of mental health distress.

If at the patients Virtual Psychological Assessment, the CBT Therapist they would benefit from Step Two care the patient can be referred for short term interventions such as:

  • Counselling either in the IPRS Health National Clinical Network or Virtually
  • Self-Guided CBT with virtual support from an IPRS Health Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner (PWP)

Self-Guided CBT is an innovative, interactive and engaging programme delivered via bespoke psycho-educational and skills-based resources. The programme provides a safe and secure environment which can be personalised to the patient. It is accessible via desktop and smartphone, meaning it is available at a time and place that suits the patient.

The programme is tailored to each patient and supported by an IPRS Health CBT Clinical Case Manager, who remains in contact with the patient at regular intervals, addresses concerns and questions, guides the programme and monitors outcomes. The content is designed to be motivational, easy to use, and interactive with relevance to the unique requirements of the patient.

Step Three Treatment

Step Three treatment is suitable for patients with moderate to medium levels of mental health distress. We offer a number of treatment modalities for patients in Step Three Care including:

  • Virtual CBT with and IPRS Heath CBT Therapist
  • Face to Face CBT in the IPRS Health National Network
  • EMDR in the IPRS Health National Network

Step Four Treatment

Step Four Treatment is for patients with severe and complex of mental ill health. This is our pathway into more specialist services for patients where there has been inadequate response to multiple treatments, complex comorbidity or they require psychiatric services.

How does Virtual Treatment work?

IPRS Health Virtual Treatment is an innovative, secure way treatment through connecting a patient with a CBT Therapist from their smartphone or desktop. It is just like an assessment or treatment session with a CBT Therapist, which is booked in advance and has the same duration as a traditional face to face appointment.

The benefits of this treatment modality include:

  • Faster access to assessment and treatment
  • No travel time, hassle or expense for the patient
  • No stigma of having to attend a clinic for treatment
  • The patient undergoes treatment in the security of their own environment

We understand the importance of providing our patients with high quality and easy to access treatment. As such the delivery of Virtual Treatment is achieved through our Cognitive Behavioural Therapists.