Rehabilitation Physiotherapy

Rehabilitation Physiotherapy

Perfect for insurers, IPRS Health provide a fully case-managed end-to-end rehabilitation physiotherapy service to help people recover to full function following an injury. We have over 25 years delivering our award-winning services and are always developing and enhancing our service.

We have two primary pathways which can be bespoke to suit your needs.

Straight to treatment

Our Straight to treatment pathway follows a more traditional route into treatment. Upon referral to IPRS Health, patients are referred to a conveniently located practice to begin a course of face to face treatment within our network of over 1000 physiotherapy practices. We monitor the referral to ensure all treatment taking place is appropriate and that the patient's condition is improving.

Find out more about our Physiotherapy Network here

Triage Pathway

Our triaged pathway introduces a triage assessment ahead of treatment to allow us to get an understanding of their condition and explore what treatment options are available. This means, if appropriate, the patient can undergo treatment virtually, at a greater convenience to them and reducing the cost of the treatment.

Digital Triage

Our Digital Triage allows a user to triage themselves into the most appropriate type of physiotherapy treatment.

The user is sent a link to complete a 10-minute interactive assessment to provide us with a comprehensive overview of their injury. The intelligent system, then recommends the user with the appropriate treatment, either face to face or virtual.

Find out more about Digital Triage here.

Telephone Triage

An alternative to Digital Triage is telephone triage with a chartered physiotherapist. Patients will undertake a 30-minute call to cover their injury and pain levels to determine the most appropriate treatment for them, either face to face or virtual.

If Virtual Treatment is appropriate, the physiotherapist conducting the call will case-manage the patient.

Face to Face Physiotherapy

If a patient requires face to face physiotherapy, they will be referred to a practice within our UK wide network for an Initial Assessment & Treatment. Our network comprises of more than 1000 physiotherapists covering all corners of the UK with our patients travelling just 3 miles on average.

We can guarantee patients an Initial Assessment within 3 days.

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Virtual Physiotherapy

For patients who can be treated virtually, following their triage call, the physiotherapist will provide them with a personalised exercise plan to be completed through our award-winning app. Patients will be sent a link to the app and their unique code to log in and access their exercises which are detailed by over 2000 HD videos.

Patients report back their pain & function levels to the physiotherapist through the app who monitors their improvement and feeds back to the patient with regular update calls.

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