Workplace Desk Assessments

Having over 20 years’ experience in delivering Display Screen Equipment, IPRS Health have adopted a 3-tier structure to our health and safety executive (HSE) compliant Display Screen equipment (DSE) assessments which will include working conditions, the environment and its surroundings. Our DSE assessments are 1 hour long and each individual will receive a report, full assessment and recommendations bespoke to them, we also offer a private area to converse with individuals where they are able to receive a form of advice/education. IPRS Health are able to provide clients with a complete service from referral to equipment provision, leaving all the work down to us. We even take care of ordering the recommended equipment by arranging the purchase, delivery and set up.

Below is our 3-tier structure and what each tier consists of:

Level 1

We understand that not everyone will want or require a full clinical DSE assessment. This is a quicker assessment with a shorter report, but which still covers all required areas. They are ideal for those moving office, starting a new job, or indeed for those who want to ensure their staff are assessed but are happy to keep the clinical aspect reduced. It will be delivered by a skilled DSE technician or clinician and audited by a clinical supervisor.

Level 2

This DSE assessment is geared to those with a musculoskeletal issue. It will be carried out and audited by a clinician as they have a greater insight into the problems that will be described. A more detailed report will be provided after a lengthier assessment with the individual.

Level 3

This assessment is a specialist category. This would fall under the title of Reasonable Adjustment Assessment. It may involve multiple issues or possibly a medical concern, which requires a good deal or work, numerous adjustments and extra time spent on site with a detailed final report. We can also arrange for dyslexia assessments, via a partner.

By moving to the 3 tier DSE model, we believe we are able to include any and all clients and individuals and we can therefore provide a pricing structure to reflect this.

Whichever is chosen, IPRS Health will engage with the individual to ensure great care and attention is placed on the assessment. We will provide a clear and thorough report that will assist the client in guiding any changes and to help the individual while at work.