Wellbeing Services

IPRS Health are very excited to be delivering specifically designed health and musculoskeletal screens. Health and wellbeing has increasingly moved from a buzzword to become something, which people really want to know more about and have a genuine interest. Our screens can show an individual their level of health and can also inform a company of the overall level of their employee’s wellbeing. Our screens allow for education, empowerment, lifestyle and health habit changes while looking to the future.

Healthy body, healthy mind is a phrase that has been around since the 2nd century. It is becoming more known now that those who actively promote health in the workplace gain numerous benefits including reduced sickness absence (both long and short term), fewer accidents at work due to health issues, greater productivity and quality of work as well as improved motivation and engagement of staff. As a result, a return on investment can be seen.

Health and safety critical roles if operated for example by someone with undiagnosed high cholesterol or blood pressure can have particularly dangerous consequences as a number of cardiovascular symptoms can arise from these. There is now an increasing focus being seen in workplace wellbeing in the UK, which has been shown to gain even better results when management become actively involved.

For further information on any of the above wellbeing services, please enquire with the client relationship team at client.relations@iprsgroup.com.

Living Well

Living Well is focused on the health of the individual. At a time where obesity and diabetes are both on the increase and activity levels are dropping throughout the age divisions, we believe it is an important step for people to take in gaining a greater insight into their own health status and the education, which comes along with aiming to improve it.  We test cholesterol and blood glucose, body fat and body water %, blood pressure and heart rate, discuss sleeping and lifestyle habits amongst other parameters. This allows the person to find out characteristics of their health status, of which they may be unaware. It can then direct them on how to make positive choices. This too has an individualised report and we can send an overview report to the company to show the general health of the workforce.

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 Living Well health check to look at cholesterol, glucose levels, blood pressure and body fat %, body water % and more.

  • We discuss sleep habits, stress levels, smoking and drinking and we meausre blood pressure and resting heart rate.
  • Led by a clinician on site – we will visit you.
  • Up to 15 people can be seen per day.
  • 30 minute assessments with a report sent to each person.
  • A cumulative report can be sent to the company once everyone has been seen. It can be used to look at possible global company-wide changes.

Living Well Plus

This is a 3-day wearable assessment, which looks at lifestyle and stress management as well as more general health factors such as activity levels, heart rate fluctuations and a thorough sleep analysis. It also allows for goal setting. Upon return of the device, the data is analysed, and a report is generated, after which a follow up lifestyle phone call is booked. Results and goals can then be discussed further. This type of screening can be provided for a single person, for a team, department or a company.

Moving Well

Focusing on the body and functional movement, Moving Well can be linked to a particular role for example as a pre-employment screen, can be used as an annual physical check for a workforce or can be used to allow your staff members know more about themselves and how to make changes. It is also ideal for company/corporate wellness days. This screen allows many people to be seen in a day.

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  • Moving Well is broken down into the main areas of the body in which we will look at functional activity, various movements and measure handgrip strength.
  • Our aim is to educate and empower those who participate.
  • We will provide exercise sheets and advice afterwards.
  • We can refer into our award winning MSK virtual rehab service should anything be found on assessment.
  • Led by a clinician on site – we will visit you.
  • Up to 15 people can be seen per day.
  • 30 minute assessments with a report sent to each person.

MOT Wellness

IPRS Health offers clients single on-site days in which we can provide a bespoke offering depending on needs and requirements. These often coincide with a company wellbeing day however can be standalone too. We pride ourselves in being able to tailor our services to our clients and as such have a variety of services, which can be supplied on these days. These include:

  • Mini physio assessments on a 1 to 1 basis. These are typically 15-20 minutes in which the physio may run some tests, will have a discussion and provide some advice.
  • Seminars on pre-arranged topics including a Q&A session at the end. Examples would be musculoskeletal injury and rehab, lower back pain or health and wellbeing.
  • DSE “typical desk & chair set up” talk and demo group sessions, teaching people how best to arrange their work environment.
  • Group exercise demo sessions. This may be linked to a specific company drive for example, lower back health.
  • Incorporation of the Living Well or Moving Well health screens in to the day.

If you believe you could utilise this service, please contact the client relationship team at client.relations@iprsgroup.com and we would be delighted to discuss this further.