The IPRS Health App

Throughout 2016, IPRS Health have worked extensively in developing a mobile phone and tablet App to enhance the patient journey, whether someone is receiving treatment through their insurer or employer.

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The App hosts 4 main components:


myIPRSHealth is a secure patient portal designed to provide patients with self-help and education material to help them manage both musculoskeletal and mental health conditions. The website contains articles, videos and downloads along with a symptom checker.

Visual Triage

IPRS Health are excited to be the first UK provider of physiotherapy to bring the use of telemedicine to life. Traditional telephone triage is now being replaced by IPRS Health's new service where the clinician can visually see the patient and the patient can visually see the clinician, overcoming the barriers traditionally associated with telephone/virtual physiotherapy and triage.  

This service is available for both Musculoskeletal/Physiotherapy Triage and Treatment along with Psychological Triage and Treatment.

Video Exercises

Patients can stream their prescribed exercises directly from the App and feedback their performance to their physiotherapist. Graphs demonstrating adherence and clinical outcomes are available for both the patient and their clinician to view.

Instant Messaging

IPRS Health patients are able to interact directly with their appointed Musculoskeletal or Psychological clinician by using the built-in instant messaging facility. 


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The App is available now for IPRS Health patients, and is available to download from both the Apple App store and the Google Play Store. If you are an insurer or employer interested in this service for your patients, please contact us by clicking here.