General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

Our priority is to keep your data in good health.....

The new GDPR Regulations came into force on 25th May 2018. Across the IPRS Health we worked hard to get ourselves GDPR ready. If you are a client of IPRS Health or a member of our supply chain, you should have received an e-mail from us advising what changes have been made to our processes so we (both you/your organisation and IPRS Health) comply with the new regulations and ensure our data remains in 'good health'.

Any questions you have relating to our Data Protection or GDPR processes please e-mail

Details of our Privacy Statement are available to view here.  You can also view our Patient Privacy Notice by clicking here.

Our 12 Steps to ensuring data is kept in good health are below.

IPRS Health's 12 Steps to Keeping Your Data Safe

1 - We never store and process patient data for marketing. Only to assist with clinical service delivery.

2 - Patients have the right to withdraw or withhold consent at any given time without affecting their access to services.

3 - As part of gaining patient consent, we gain agreement with whom information and reports are shared with before any treatment is progressed.

4 - We have removed all unnecessary patient data from our invoicing and management information reports.

5 - Any data sharing we do undertake is kept to an absolute minimum, through anonymisation and pseudonymisation.

6 - We have a secure Client Relations Portal, which can only be accessed by authorized personnel using their unique username and password to download commercial proposals and management information.

7 - Well established information security principles in place, in accordance with our ISO27001 Accredited status .

8 - We have a Data Protection Officer in place who is responsible for the management of a robust audit process,.

9 - All IPRS Health staff have been trained in privacy, confidentiality, consent and have received updated training on GDPR.

10 - Anyone has the right to access their data at any time they wish with a simple request.

11 - We have updated our IT Framework privacy policies, website security and password policies.

12 - Everyone will have to opt-in to receive marketing. The option is there to opt-out anytime thereafter.