Our Apps for Occupational Health & Wellbeing

We pride ourselves on our digital innovations and are constantly looking for ways we can enhance the service we deliver to our clients through emerging technologies. In 2016 we were the first Physiotherapy Provider in the UK to offer patients virtual assessments and treatments through our app. This led to us winning the 2017 Rehabilitation First Initiative of the Year Award for our digital health platforms incorporating myIPRSHealth (our self-help portal), online referral portals, our innovative virtual Triage, online patient webinars and our App.

Today, our digital services are channelled through to core products, our Treatment App and Self-Help Website, myIPRSHealth.com. To find out more about what each product, click below. For more information about our digital products and services, get in touch with our Client Relations team here.



myIPRSHealth.com is our patient self-help portal containing information and advice on a range of Musculoskeletal and Mental Health conditions along with general wellbeing advice. The site is constantly being updated with new content and can be white-labelled to match your company branding. Find out more about myIPRSHealth.com here.

The IPRS Health App

The IPRS Health app is part of IPRS Health's award-winning digital strategy, patients can complete assessments and treatment through our app from the comfort of their own home. To find out more about the IPRS Health app, click here.

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Award-winning quality provider
24 years experience of absence management
Innovative digital healthcare products
Detailed reporting and analytics
Tailored solutions designed for your needs
Largest network of clinical treatment
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