National Clinical Network

IPRS Health has the largest managed network of treatment clinics across the UK consisting of an IPRS Health dedicated in-house employed team and a comprehensive network of partner practices. This extensive network allows IPRS Health to deliver services to all corners of the UK and to clients with geographically spread operations.

IPRS Health delivers, cognitive behavioural therapy, psychology, osteopathy, chiropractic, podiatry. In order to manage this national network of clinics and partner practices, stringent audits and controls are in place. These include accreditations and on-line reporting via portals, in addition to a back office process of clinical report auditing.

All clinicians in the IPRS Health network undergo a clinical audit before they are accepted, and thereafter, they must continue with their Continued Professional Development (CPD) to ensure that they stay abreast of the latest clinical developments in their field.

Management of IPRS Health Clinical Network includes:

  • 100% audit on all clinical reports
  • Only national provider to visit and audit clinics
  • Stringent enrolment process
  • Paper based application, telephone discussion and site visits
  • Ongoing management and auditing
  • Clinical and customer service site visits
  • Quality Checks (reporting, patient feedback)
  • Clinical Governance
  • Monthly review of service and standards
  • Annual review
  • Onsite clinic auditing
  • Performance benchmarking, both practice:practice and clinician:clinician