Mental Health Services

Business are now taking a more proactive approach to managing mental health absence, but we believe there is always more that can be done. According the recent statistics 49% of all days lost at work are related to stress, anxiety and depression, with this being higher in healthcare, public service and education industries. On average, 24 days are lost per employee due to anxiety, stress and depression. 

We have a number of solutions designed to help your business combat these statistics. Our services are split between our Discovery and Recovery Services. You can find out more about what we offer for each service below.


At the start of 2018 we launched our ‘Discovery’ product range, aimed at discovering mental health conditions before they develop into more serious issues and preventing this from occurring. Our suite of products will support you to deliver evidenced based psychoeducational and skills-based workshops for the benefit of your employees well-being.

To view our full range of Discovery services, click here.


Our mental health ‘Recovery’ service is our patient focused end to end mental health rehabilitation solution aimed at improving the mental wellbeing of anyone who is referred into our service. The recovery service has multiple treatment pathways and options which is determined a Full Psychological Assessment.

We adopt a Stepped Care Model to deliver our end-to-end solution to our patients, to find out more about this and our full Recovery service, please click here.