Mental Health Services

IPRS Health is a patient-focused specialist in Mental Health treatment solutions for businesses, delivering services in-line with NICE guidelines and supported by robust clinical governance.

We deliver a cost-effective Stepped Care Model which has been designed to put our patients at the centre of our service and give them a variety of treatment options to support their recovery including:

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
  • Counselling
  • EMDR
  • Psychology
  • Psychiatry

IPRS Health services offer treatment options for an array of mental health conditions, rather than supporting symptom management like many other mental health providers.

The IPRS Health solutions are delivered with a return-to-work focus. We understand the importance of supporting employees at all levels, with a vast experience of empowering line managers to take control of their team’s mental health. We offer dedicated training upon contract to support organisations in maximising the efficiency of referral processes to improve service outcomes and reduce costs.

We also offer a range of Mental Health Workshops & Training, to learn more about these, click here.

Mental Health Stepped Care Model

All referrals to the IPRS Health Mental Health Service begin with a Mental Health Assessment with an accredited CBT Therapist or Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner (PWP) through either a telephone or video call.

The therapist will establish a clear working diagnosis and make recommendations based on clinical need, as well as provide education to the patient to help them to make an informed decision on their treatment.

As per NICE guidelines, upon completion of the assessment, the IPRS Health clinician will refer the patient to the most relevant care pathways as indicated on the right based on their unique clinical requirements.

Organisations can commission individual elements of our stepped-care model, however, to optimise outcomes we recommend implementing our full case-managed end-to-end mental health service.

“I really feel the service has been fantastic and made a genuine improvement to my mental wellbeing and how I am around my family. IPRS Health was amazing, they really listened to me and tailored my treatment to my needs. Thank you so much!”

IPRS Health Patient, UK Water Company

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Award-winning quality provider
24 years experience of absence management
Innovative digital healthcare products
Detailed reporting and analytics
Tailored solutions designed for your needs
Largest network of clinical treatment
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