Why choose IPRS Health?

IPRS Health has over 20 years experience of delivering quality clinical services to our clients.

We work with HR, Occupational Health and Health & Safety Departments to manage the individual back to work following injury and have proven results in reducing insurer's cost of claims.

We are able to offer innovative, flexible and tailored clinical services to suit our clients individual requirements.

Clinical Governance

IPRS Health prides itself on its strong clinical governance structure, which ensures we remain clinically focused and at the forefront of clinical practice and excellence. Our quality agenda is led by the IPRS Group Clinical Board and Senior Management Team, which both directly report into the IPRS Group Board of Directors.

IPRS Health has a comprehensive annual Clinical Audit programme to evaluate and improve our service delivery with regards to patient safety and best practice.

Every clinical report is audited against standards for both report quality and clinical excellence. These audits are carried out by our dedicated team of highly experienced clinicians, to ensure that the recommendations passed on are both clinically and cost effective.

IPRS Health is currently undertaking the application process to become SEQOHS Accredited. This accreditation was only opened up to Occupational Health Physiotherapy providers in the latter part of 2015.

ISO 9001 & ISO/IEC 27001

IPRS Health is very proud to have gained accreditation for both ISO 9001, Quality Management System and ISO/IEC 27001, Information Security Management System. The organisation has worked hard to build a culture of security throughout the business at all levels, with staff, suppliers, stakeholders and clients, which in turn has helped to improve the consistency of service delivery, enhance customer satisfaction and overall maintain high client retention levels.

IT Systems & Technology

IPRS Health has invested a great deal of time and money in designing and developing bespoke, flexible and secure online systems by a dedicated in house, development team. These systems manage the patient journey from start to end, ensuring that they receive treatment quickly and efficiently, and our clients receive intelligent management information on successful discharge.

These systems have been designed to be flexible to meet our clients' ever changing needs, with an online referral portal that can be made bespoke to a client's requirements, alternatively IPRS Health can integrate directly with a clients' system to input and output information directly between systems.

Management Information

IPRS Health is able to provide a wide range of Management Information (MI) to clients, which can be presented in various formats, from high level graphical information to provide an analysed overview of a client's data to detailed raw data information ready for the client to complete their  own analysis.

IPRS Health is able to benchmark the employer’s referral and injury data against National Statistics and HSE published data and industry averages specific to the client’s sector.

Please see below a snapshot of the format of MI that can be provided, in a professional format that is easy to read and understand.MI2

National Audited Clinical Network

IPRS Health has the largest managed network of treatment clinics across the UK consisting of an IPRS Health dedicated in-house employed team and a comprehensive network of partner practices. All clinicians in the IPRS Health network undergo a clinical audit before they are accepted, and thereafter, they must continue with their Continued Professional Development (CPD) to ensure that they stay abreast of the latest clinical developments in their field.

Management of IPRS Health Clinical Network includes:

  • 100% audit on all clinical reports
  • Only national provider to visit and audit clinics
  • Stringent enrolment process
  • Paper based application, telephone discussion and site visits
  • Ongoing management and auditing
  • Clinical and customer service site visits
  • Quality Checks (reporting, patient feedback)
  • Clinical Governance
  • Monthly review of service and standards
  • Annual review
  • Onsite clinic auditing
  • Performance benchmarking, both practice:practice and clinician:clinician