Quality & Compliance

We pride ourselves on our strong clinical governance structure, which ensures we remain clinically focused and at the forefront of clinical practice and excellence. Our quality agenda is led by the IPRS Group Clinical Board and Senior Leadership Team, which both directly report into the IPRS Group Board of Directors.

Our quality is demonstrated by the awards we have picked up over the last 24 years, some highlights of which can be seen in our awards timeline, below.

Award Timeline 05 07 2020


IT Systems & Technology

IPRS Health has invested a great deal of time and money in designing and developing bespoke, flexible and secure online systems by a dedicated in house, development team. These systems manage the patient journey from start to end, ensuring that they receive treatment quickly and efficiently, and our clients receive intelligent management information on successful discharge.

These systems have been designed to be flexible to meet our clients' ever changing needs, with an online referral portal that can be made bespoke to a client's requirements, alternatively IPRS Health can integrate directly with a clients' system to input and output information directly between systems.

Clinical Board

The IPRS Group Clinical Board consists of key clinical staff and external specialists from academia, a medical consultant and client representatives.

The clinical board is responsible for:

  • Clinical Governance
  • Reviewing latest guidelines
  • Formulating new policies
  • Training and professional development
  • Signing off new policies and procedures
  • Signing off new clinical pathways

There is an experienced, senior clinical management team underneath the board working hard to continually improve clinical services, processes and policies by keeping up-to-date with professional training and development and national guidelines, ensuring that IPRS Health is at the forefront of clinical excellence and practices.

Clinical Audit and Assurance

IPRS Health has a comprehensive annual Clinical Audit programme to evaluate and improve our service delivery with regards to patient safety and best practice.

Every clinical report is audited against standards for both report quality and clinical excellence. These audits are carried out by our dedicated team of highly experienced clinicians, to ensure that the recommendations passed on are both clinically and cost effective.

ISO 27001 Information Security

We were proud to achieve accreditation to ISO/IEC 27001, the Information Security Management System standard, at the end of 2014.

ISO/IEC 27001 has helped us to identify the risks to our information security and put in place appropriate controls to competently manage and reduce them. Therefore in order to gain this very high standard we have had to evidence a full range of controls to show the organisation’s compliance to DPA, professional standards and current legislation.

IPRS Health has worked hard to build a culture of security throughout the business at all levels, with staff, suppliers, stakeholders and clients, which in turn has helped to improve the consistency of service delivery, enhance customer satisfaction and overall maintain high client retention levels.

Management Information

We provide our clients with a wide range of Management Information (MI), which can be presented in an analysed format, or in a raw data format.

IPRS Health is able to benchmark our client's referral and injury data against National Statistics, HSE published data and industry averages specific to the client’s sector.

Among the benchmarking and referral analysis, our MI will cover:

  • Referrals by department / area / company division
  • Referrals by demographics –Age/Gender
  • Treatment path
  • Referrals by stated injury cause
  • Referrals by injury status – work related, work exacerbated, non-work related
  • Referrals and discharges by month
  • Working days saved per month – absence management
  • Referrals by injured body area/condition
  • Average number of treatments per case and/or by injury type
  • Average days on scheme – lifecycle of treatment
  • Average costs per case(as required)
  • Average costs per treatment plan (as required)

For further information on how IPRS Health can present accurate, intelligent and meaningful management information please click here.

National Audited Clinical Network

IPRS Health has the largest managed network of treatment clinics across the UK consisting of an IPRS Health dedicated in-house employed team and a comprehensive network of partner practices. All clinicians in the IPRS Health network undergo a clinical audit before they are accepted, and thereafter, they must continue with their Continued Professional Development (CPD) to ensure that they stay abreast of the latest clinical developments in their field.

Management of IPRS Health Clinical Network includes:

  • 100% audit on all clinical reports
  • Only national provider to visit and audit clinics
  • Stringent enrolment process
  • Paper based application, telephone discussion and site visits
  • Ongoing management and auditing
  • Clinical and customer service site visits
  • Quality Checks (reporting, patient feedback)
  • Clinical Governance
  • Monthly review of service and standards
  • Annual review
  • Onsite clinic auditing
  • Performance benchmarking, both practice:practice and clinician:clinician