loveIPRS Health #LoveActivity Privacy Statement

loveIPRS Health #LoveActivity Privacy Statement

You may have seen or even entered the latest companywide health promotion that we, at IPRS Health are promoting. The following statement is to maximise the clarity and transparency regarding what we are going to do with the data we collect:

  • The information that is sent through to us at and can only be accessed by 3 individuals to ensure minimal access is occurring:
    • Ashley James – IPRS Health Clinical Lead
    • Paul Scallan – IPRS Health Clinical Lead
    • Robert Rennie – Data Protection Officer
    • The data you send through will be added to a central spread sheet (again only accessible by the 3 people named above). Once all of the data has been added to the spreadsheet the original email will be deleted.
    • We will hold your email address only for the duration of the health promotion (the month of July 2018). We will not use your email address to send you any marketing or promotional emails. It will be stored solely for the purpose of the prize draw for a FitBit at the end of the month.
    • Once the prize draw is complete all email addresses will be deleted. Other data collected (age, gender, job role, type of activity and minutes completed) will be stored for purposes of analysis by the company but, following the removal of email addresses all data will be anonymised and will not be identifiable to you as an individual.
    • Some examples of exercise type and duration may be used on the company social media platforms during the promotion but will not be identifiable to any specific individual.
    • Should you wish for your data to be removed from the database at any time then email and it will be taken out the data set.

If at any point you have any concerns or questions over the way in which we are handling your data then please get in touch with

Thank you

IPRS Health