Spotlight: Supply Chain Team

Meet the new Supply Chain Team

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June this year saw a big change within IPRS Health with the evolution of our Network Team. Formerly responsible solely for our Physiotherapy network, in it's new formation as the Supply Chain team they encompass our musculoskeletal, mental health, ergonomic and equipment suppliers.

The team strengthening and establishing new relationships with our supply chain, consists of Mark Nelson (Supply Chain Manager), in his previous role with IPRS Health Mark acted as Clinical Network Relations Co-ordinator where he built personal relationships with the clinics in our network. Supporting Mark are his two right hand women; Elisabeth and Sheri. Elisabeth has spent the last 9 years with IPRS Health working closely with patients and clients alike, prior to which she spent 2 years with the NHS referrals team and 35 years in international banking. Similarly, Sheri has been with IPRS Health for over 7 years, in her previous role as Clinical Services Assistant she provided administrative support to our onsite occupational health physiotherapists, It was in this role that she began the project of expanding our CBT network.

The new Supply Chain Team is opening up greater communications with our Network Practices enabling us to enhance the diversity of treatments required by our Clients and Patients. The team’s experience within the company and genuine personability it seems they’re already on to a winner with the providers in our supply chain. 

On the team’s new direction Mark Nelson said: “In the past, the Supply Chain team were focused mainly on musculoskeletal clinics, the main base of our clinical supply chain. However, as the business grows and opportunities increase the need to expand our supply chain and focus on other areas is becoming more prevalent. Therefore, one of the main aims of the team is to build on the work Sheri has already committed and grow our CBT network, bringing it more in line with the coverage offered by our physiotherapy network. Another focus for the team is to develop our hospital network; improving relations and communication in this area, discussions are already underway as we look to form new relationships and develop those already in place. This move looks to bolster our position when it comes to sourcing specialists for those complicated cases. The final area the Supply Chain team will be working towards, is to support the Ergonomic team and aid national coverage, reducing travel time, meaning we can pass these savings on to our clients”.

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