Rehabilitation Guide

Your employer has partnered with IPRS Health, one of the UK’s largest independent providers of rehabilitation to assist your recovery for injuries & Mental Health conditions.

Being referred to IPRS Health

A designated person in your company, be it your line manager or HR will have discussed the opportunity with you to receive rehabilitation support and your consent to be referred to IPRS Health.  Before being referred, you should be registered with a GP in the UK.

I have been referred for Rehabilitation, what is the next step?

You will have received a digital welcome (email) providing you information on the next steps and giving you the opportunity to book your initial telephone or video clinical assessment appointment using our online booking portal. At your initial appointment, IPRS Health will ask you some questions in relation to your injury.  This call is likely to last up to 30-60 mins. Following the call, you will have an option of either remote (telephonic) or face to face Treatment.

I’ve had my assessment, what’s next?

Following the assessment, the therapist will provide and agree with you the best course of treatment for your condition and recovery. In Physiotherapy, this may include initial advice/self-help guidance or usually exercises, and may (though not always) carry out hands-on treatment if appropriate. For Mental Health you may be invited to attend 6-8 sessions of therapy with your therapist which may be weekly or fortnightly.

Once the assessment is complete a report may be sent to the referrer (the person who referred you) if you consent for this to happen. This will outline in non-medical terms the plan to support you in your recovery and any work limitations you may currently have, so that your employer may support you.

Telephone or Face to Face Treatment

Virtual Physiotherapy or Mental Health Treatment gives you speedy access to an experienced clinician either on the telephone or by video call. The initial assessment aims to highlight what treatment is most appropriate for your problem. This ensures you get the right treatment by the right person for your problem. If you opt for telephone the therapist will provide you with advice or exercises to do in between follow up calls to assist your recovery, along with regular follow up calls.

When virtual treatment is opted for, you will get immediate advice to help your problem. Some simple advice or exercise programmes will be prescribed and set up straight away through an app that you can access any time, any place. For physical injuries, your exercise programme will be provided by a chartered physiotherapist and who will provide videos of each exercise to ensure you are following the correct technique. Your clinician may also add educational videos or handouts to your app so you can learn more about your condition or problem. The app allows you to monitor how comfortable the exercises are and allows you to feed this back directly to the clinician. You will have direct access through the app to the clinician using the messaging function. This means you can get answers to any queries you have outside of your booked sessions.

For Mental Health you will receive guidance from your therapist, along with a condition-specific or treatment specific information guide to help you along your journey to recovery through your treatment. Treatment can involve self-guided support sessions with a psychological well-being practitioner, counselling or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. All of our therapists are either BACP or BABCP qualified with nationally recognized governing bodies.

Please click on the following buttons for further information on Mental Health Treatment:

                      What is CBT? What is Guided Self-Help? How will therapy assist me to return to work?

Being managed virtually reduces the need to travel to a clinic for treatment, saving you time, money and overall also beneficial for the environment. The option of going into a clinic for treatment remains on the table for those people who do not get better with a virtual approach. IPRS Health have delivered virtual treatment for many years and had comparable outcomes in terms of recovery and improvements in function. The virtual journey will enhance your own knowledge and skills of managing Injuries and Mental Health challenges and your general health. These life-long lessons will help with any future issues you may have.

**Face to Face Physiotherapy Only** Before your appointment, please consider.

In order for you to get the most benefit from your appointment please consider the following:

  • Please arrive at least 5 minutes before your appointment time as there may be paperwork to complete
  • Please take with you details of any medication and copies of any investigation reports
  • For physiotherapy, It’s best to wear loose-fitting, appropriate clothing (including underwear) to enable the physical examination
  • Please follow any advice or exercise programmes your physiotherapist provides, this is an important part of your treatment
  • It’s a good idea to have your diary or calendar to hand to book future appointments
  • Please note: Cancellations MUST be advised to the clinic at least 24 hours before your appointment or your session will be lost. If a session is not attended or is re-scheduled at short notice twice, your treatment may be terminated.

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