Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCEs)

IPRS Health's Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) evaluates and quantifies an individual’s capacity to perform a given job, activities of daily living or leisure activities. A detailed objectively measured performance-based examination is carried out by our qualified clinician.

How it works?

IPRS Health deliver FCE’s to review an individual through functional tasks that are routinely used within their job role. The individual will complete various organised tasks such as lifting weights from the floor to waist height, going up and down stairs or walking while carrying an item for example.

This method of assessment is especially useful for those who are off work and wanting to return but on limited duties or those who have a chronic MSK condition and would like an objective measure of their capabilities.

Our FCE typically takes up to 2-3 hours.

Our qualified clinicians use a scoring method which will determine the employee’s physical capability, they can then place this against the individual elements of the job role and can state whether they are green, amber or red score. A red score will mean they are unable to perform that task, while a green will mean they are capable. Amber will generally mean they can perform some of the role if altered.

The assessment process includes additional factors that may contribute to a poor prognosis in returning to normal work duties. For example, our assessment will highlight factors including job satisfaction and psychosocial barriers. Evidence shows that these have a profound effect in the individual’s prognosis for returning to normal working duties. A report is generated to detail specific emphasis on what the individual can do rather than what they cannot do along with recommendations as to how to assist with improvement in job function and ability.

Who is it designed for?

The assessment can address musculoskeletal or medical concerns and is also designed for those who have experienced concern and a loss of confidence in their ability to work or a loss in physical capacity.

Why use a Functional Capacity Evaluation?

There are many benefits in our FCEs:

  • It provides faster return to work and collects data regarding ergonomic and job modification.
  • It gives impartial data for documenting functional status
  • Provides early intervention for MSK injuries and prevents an employee from commencing absence from the workplace
  • Detailed examinations and evaluation.


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