Job Demand Analysis (JDA)

It’s important to understand what an individual needs to be capable of doing to fulfil a role. IPRS Health’s “Job Demand Analysis” (JDA) is a structured assessment process which identifies the specific physical, psychosocial and environmental demand required for any job role.

How it works?

The IPRS Health JDA is an analysis of the physical characteristics of selected job roles and complements the safe systems of work that are already in place. We provide a report following the assessment for each job role, the report also outlines suggestions, where appropriate, for potential changes to a work practice.

IPRS Health offer 2 levels of JDA. The standard assessment includes a full assessment and a comprehensive report. We also offer an enhanced JDA which will involve the assessor recording a video of the role to analyse further. It also includes a follow-up call with main stakeholders to explain the findings.

Who is it designed for?

We often recommend this to a new client to consider as this JDA then enables us to fully understand the job roles which often vary within police forces. Once we have this JDA we can treat a client against it to understand what they need to be able to return to do.

Why use a JDA?

There are many benefits in our JDA:

  • Accurate signposting to any necessary treatment if necessary
  • Reducing the likelihood of injuries as a result of the assessment
  • JDA has been proven effective in reducing musculoskeletal absence, promoting a timely and sustained return to work period


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