Virtual Vehicle Assessments

Much of our workforce has to drive for varying lengths of time or indeed rely on their vehicles for work all day. Driving can be a cause for some who develop musculoskeletal (MSK) concerns for any number of reasons. It is important to ensure that the vehicle is correctly set-up for the individual and behaviours are adjusted, to help minimise risk.

Our Virtual Vehicle Assessments are a full assessment, conducted by an ergonomically trained physiotherapist, recording the setup, conditions of the vehicle relative to the patient and the role/job they fulfil. Alterations are recommended to improve the settings in the vehicle immediately and recommendations for supportive equipment can also be made, detailed within the report for approval by the referrer. 

How it works?

Delivered preferably via video call or otherwise telephone, the delegate will receive a comprehensive assessment which can be conducted in their vehicle. On booking, they will be asked to complete a quick pre-assessment questionnaire. The assessor will either contact them via our app’s video call function or to their phone at the booked time and will review the vehicle set up and provide expert advice.

Who is it designed for?

The assessment can address musculoskeletal or medical concerns which they experience in their work vehicle via specialist advice. This may be under normal levels of driving or a recent increase due to others being unable to work.

Why use a Virtual DSE?

There are many benefits in our Virtual Vehicle Assessments:

  • Advice & recommendations provided based on your individual circumstances
  • Our app’s video function allows us to view the vehicle
  • Reducing injuries with specialist intervention and recommendations
  • Delivers a full vehicle assessment whilst complying with social distancing


We'd love to hear from you! If you're interested in discussing how our Virtual Vehicle Assessment can benefit your business, get in touch with our friendly team here. or start a Live Chat (9am-5pm).

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