Psychiatry is an area of medicine that deals with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mental health conditions. This falls into Step 4 of the IPRS Health stepped care model.

How can a Psychiatist help?

A Psychiatrist is able to help you:

  • When previous treatment from your GP has not worked
  • To gain a diagnosis of your mental health
  • Recommend psychological treatment specific to your needs.
  • When certain medication is only available to be prescribed by a psychiatrist

How it works

Once the patient has been assigned by a fully qualified psychiatrist, they will carry out an assessment and diagnosis. Following this, the psychiatrist may recommend psychological treatment, provide medication review, prescribe medication or a combination of both and develop a treatment plan to aid with recovery.

Clinically Audited

Every referral into our Psychiatry service is fully audited to ensure consistent clinical excellence. All therapists in our network are subject to our stringent audit cycle and every report submitted to IPRS Health is subject to audit to ensure clinical effectiveness and appropriateness. 


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