Building Resilience

The ‘Building Resilience’ programme is driven by the latest in evidence-based practice from both the world of musculoskeletal pain and injury as well as mental health. The programme is unique in that it attempts to link the negative effects of poor mental health on our physical health and vice versa.

What the training contains

The course is split into the following sections:

  • Understanding Resilience
  • Knowing your limits
  • Movement Variability
  • Graded Exposure
  • Pain education
  • Psychological Flexibility
  • Thought Challenges

How is the training delivered?

The course is delivered face-to-face or virtually through a combination of group discussion, presentation and debate.

The programme content is designed to challenge its participants to think in a different way about their health and of course to improve how they can become more physically and psychologically resilient.

The workshop can be delivered over half a day or a full day with either a single or double delivery.


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