Walsall Council Mental Health Awareness Training

What is the training?

IPRS Health is offering free mental health awareness training to leaders, managers and supervisors of private, public and voluntary sector organisations based in Walsall.

In partnership with Walsall Council, the training is to ensure managers have the skills to understand and identify mental health conditions, along with how to promote and embed good mental health and wellbeing throughout their workplace. The training will enable attendees to:

  • Have a basic understanding of mental health
  • Recognise the common signs and symptoms
  • Managing Mental Health in the workplace
  • Supporting yourself and others with Mental Health problems

What formats is the training in?

To account for the individual preference of training delivery we will be running both face-to-face and virtual half-day events. We also appreciate that accounting for 4 hours within a single day can be challenging with other commitments. As such, we will also deliver some courses which run over two consecutive days at 90 minutes per session.

When is the training?

IPRS Health are running numerous training sessions between now and the end of May 2022. See below for the full details of each session including a link to book.

20th & 21st April - Virtual (2 x 90 mins over 2 days) - 9.30 - 11.00 on both days

25th & 26th April - Virtual (2 x 90 mins over 2 days) - 9.30 - 11.00 on both days

4th May - Virtual (Half Day) - 13.00 - 17.00

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