Mental Health Assessment

All referrals into the IPRS Health Mental Health Service begin with a Mental Health Assessment to establish to most effective treatment method for the patient. 

How it works?

The assessments, which last around 60 minutes are conducted by IPRS Health accredited CBT Therapists through either a telephone or video call and cover:

  • History
  • Development
  • Presenting problems
  • Formulation including maintaining factors and risk.

The therapist will establish a clear working diagnosis and make recommendations based on clinical need and provide education to the patient person to help them to make an informed decision on their treatment.

In addition, IPRS Health provides a first response / “first aid” for the patient. Upon completion of the Assessment the IPRS Health clinician will refer the patient into either a Step One, Two, Three or Four Treatment Pathway.

After the Assessment

Following their assessment, the patient will be referred for the most appropriate treatment to help them in line with our stepped care model. This could be:

Mental Health Drop Boxes2

Why do we conduct a Mental Health Assessment?

We believe there are many benefits in patients having a mental health assessment, including:

  • Establishing the most appropriate care pathway for the patient
  • Offering immediate care and support to the patient
  • The assessment acts as a reassurance for the patient and provides them with the knowledge that there is support and assistance available.


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Clinically Audited

Every referral into our mental health service is fully audited to ensure consistent clinical excellence. All therapists in our network are subject to our stringent audit cycle and every report submitted to IPRS Health is subject to audit to ensure clinical effectiveness and appropriateness.